The famous Pie Fection pizza

Word of mouth, that's how it all started. Thanks to customers, who are still friends today, the passion for our pizzas runs all over Orlando. Very well filled pizzas and a countless range of options were one of the reasons that left Pie Fection literally in people's mouths. We owe all this recognition and affection to you customers, who are our main form of dissemination, Thank you very much.

In 2015 we had the pleasure of being part of a fun saga of Rede Globo's Caldeirão do Hulk, where the dearest Luciano Hulk answered, took the order and delivered it to our customers to learn a little more about the history of this lively community that lives for here.
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Maninho and PieFection

Passion for challenges and a lot of determination brought Jose Emanuel, known as Maninho, and his family to Orlando in 2011.

When faced with several options of places to make his dream come true, from the first photos he already knew that it was there that the history of the Barbosa family in America would be realized. Two university students created PieFection in order to give customers freedom to make their own pizzas, but it was in Maninho's hands that PieFection became art. Menu completely reformulated and full of innovations, PieFection has earned the trust and affection of the Brazilian community over the years.

Maninho is still ahead of his dream, always innovating and keeping the pizzeria with its living identity of very high quality pizzas, very well filled and with impeccable service.

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